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Skyriming Dragonballz Skyriming Dragonballz

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Why is this on the Portal?

Dont be a pokemon trainer Dont be a pokemon trainer

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You are not my father.

EW1: Office Smoffice EW1: Office Smoffice

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Is he schizophrenic or something?

AliensOnToast responds:


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Elder Bear VS Zombies Elder Bear VS Zombies

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Not sure if chineses are trolls or just stupid.

BombyJump BombyJump

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character falls off screen

Game Design Generator Game Design Generator

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this random text gives waaaay cracking ideas:
Future Knights Codes Ingenuous Knights Because of An Unexpected Plan xD
Masochist Pandas Hack And Slash Antiheroic Prostitutes Because of An Eversional Terrace xD
Huge Homosexuals Digitalize Gentle Musicianss Because of a God's Revenge xD
Cyber Politicians Creates Mecha Sheep Because of A Sublimina Revenge xD
Blue 2D Characters Battle Cool Prostitutes Because Of An Expired Education xD
Past Sheep Attack Amnesiac Pandas Because Of A Funny Experience xD
Ingenuous Fairies Show Coolness To Colourful Snakes Because Of A Failed Love xD
Badass Witches Manipulate Innocent Prostitutes Because Of A World Domination Love xDDD
Brilliant Strangers Stare At Amnesiac Stick Figures Because Of A God'S Plan xDDDDDD
Enraged Nanomachines Raise Cyber Dinosaurs Because Of A Deranged Flatchest xD DEAR GOD FLATCHEST xDDDD

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I can answer that.
The nosebleed is used to auto-censor the bonerâEU¦ yep. Instead of drawing a tent, the artist draws a blood pressure jet coming out from the nose.

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